येळ कोट  येळ कोट  जय मल्हार

Bhatkuli Temple
Bhatkuli Temple is accessible by train, and one has to get down at Badnera station on Central Railway 10 km away from Amravati. Auto-rickshaws and buses are available from here. The nearest airport is Nagpur (160 km). The actual name of Bhatkuli Jain temple is Adinath Swami Digambar Jain Samsthan (Atishaya Kshetra) Bhatkuli Jain. It is an Atishaya Kshetra (place of miracles). Shri Bhatkuli is the transformed name of Bhojkut City of ancient Vidharba that was established by Rukmi, brother of Lord Krishna`s chief queen, Rukmini.
Bhatkuli is famous for the eye-catching, ancient idol of Bhagwan Adinath made of black stone, by King Rukmi in the Mahabharata period. He established the idol in a magnificient temple, which the archaeologists say is 3000 years old. Later Bhatkuli was ruled by Shatvahanas, Vatakas and Rashtrakootas, but after these kingly era, the downfall started. In V.S. 1156, the idol was shoved underground in a fort, to save it from the vengeance of the Mughals. It remained hidden in that manner till the 18th century. In the later part of the 18th century, the statue of Adinath was dreamt by the chief of the village Bhatkuli.

The Lord explained to him that in that particular spot where the idol was hidden, a cow continuously gave up her milk. Accordingly the chief ordered a thorough search by digging the place and the miraculous statue of Adinath Swami was recovered. A shiver went down the spine of the villagers, and they started to believe that the idol had supernatural powers, to heal their wishes, thus revering it with faith and worship. Much later, Poojya Acharya Shri Nemsagarji Maharaj came to the village of Bhatkuli, and seeing the statue.
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