येळ कोट  येळ कोट  जय मल्हार

Naroshankar Temple

Situated in Panchavati area, on the bank of river Godavari fondly called as anga by Nasikites - is Naroshankar Temple of Rameshwar built by Naroshankar Rajebahaddur in 1747.The architectural style of the  temple is called Maya style. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of temple architecture of the 18th century. The main temple is on a platform. Rather than inside of the temple, sculpture on the outer part is stunning. It has rows of striking designs. One layer is of decorative lacework. The next one is that of peacocks holding bead garlands. In four directions are statues of the saints in Padmasana one holding rosary, the other one a holy book - they are all scholars. Some of thestatues are deformed - their hands are broken.
There is also an assembly of animals - tigers,monkeys, elephants etc. This depicts that Hindu culture is not limited only to human beings but also has relation with birds, animals, trees, and nature in general. The temple is surrounded by 11 feet fortification. In its four corners are umbrellas - called Meghadambari or Barasati. One of them was washed away by Godavari floods and only three are existing presently. The fortification also centres a Bell house in the front part. The famous bell,called Naroshankar Bell is fixed there. The bell is a victory memorial over Portuguese. The Maratha Ruler Bajirao Peshwa’s younger brother Chimaji Appa won the fort of Vasai against Portuguese. The famous knight of Peshwas - Mr Naroshankar Rajebahaddur played a critical role in this war. After winning the fort, Vasai Portuguese Church bell was removed, marched on elephant till Nashik with great celebration and offered to Naroshankar as a medal - an award for his bravery. It is made of bronze, with six feet diameter. The year engraved on it is 1921. The bell jingle can be heard up to 5 miles, it is said. This bell and its ringing is so famous that a phrase is coined after it in Marathi. If a woman is talking in a very high pitch, she is called Naroshankarachi ghanta(BELL)Recently renovation of the bell is undertaken by the Municipal Corporation of Nasik.
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